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Contact Information:

    Melisa Martinez
    Planning & Development
    (813) 274-3193

Enabling Legislation:


Meeting Time and Location:



    Oath of Office: No Financial Disclosure: No Residency Requirement: No
PositionStatusAppointing AuthorityDistrictMemberTermStart DateEnd Date
Inactive - MHAC - Power Company Active MayorUnknownMr. Juan Reina1st 8/15/20128/14/2016
MHAC Active MayorUnknownAhn-Kay Pizano1st 10/8/201410/8/2018
MHAC Active MayorUnknownJose J. Rincon1st 3/6/20193/5/2023
MHAC Active MayorUnknownBrian Serrano1st 4/5/20174/4/2021
MHAC - Banking Active MayorUnknownMaria E. Elisalde1st 6/20/2006 Indefinite Term
MHAC - Business Owner Active MayorUnknownMaruchi Azorin-Blanco1st 7/21/2008 Indefinite Term
MHAC - Education Active MayorUnknownLisa Costas, Ph.D1st 6/20/2006 Indefinite Term
MHAC - Member Active MayorUnknownRamon A. Wong1st 3/6/20193/5/2023
MHAC - Member Active MayorUnknownSylvia Parker1st 3/6/20193/5/2023
MHAC - Member Active MayorUnknownMaribel Ramos Garrett1st 10/8/201410/7/2018
MHAC - Member Active MayorUnknownAnthony Perez1st 6/3/20156/2/2019
MHAC - Member Active MayorUnknownIleana Iturriaga Giordano1st 6/7/20176/7/2021
MHAC - Member Active MayorUnknownMyriam Warren1st 3/6/20193/5/2023
MHAC - Member Active MayorUnknownRafael Pizano1st 1/13/20171/13/2021
MHAC - Member Active MayorUnknownMarilyn Alvarez1st 3/6/20193/5/2023
MHAC - Member Active MayorUnknownJudy Alicea1st 10/8/201410/7/2018
MHAC Business Owner Active MayorUnknownMs. Maria Steijlen1st 7/21/2008 Indefinite Term
MHAC Higher Education Active MayorUnknownDonna Parrino1st 7/21/2008 Indefinite Term
MHAC Higher Education/Diversity Active MayorUnknownPatsy Sanchez1st 9/29/2009 Indefinite Term
MHAC Media Active MayorUnknownMr. Giovanni Gutierrez1st 11/17/2007 Indefinite Term
MHAC School Counselor Active MayorUnknownAraseli Martinez-Pena1st 5/10/2010 Indefinite Term
MHAC-Member Active MayorUnknownMartha A. Murillo1st 1/13/20171/13/2021