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Boards & Commissions
Affordable Housing Advisory Committee↑↑↑
Architectural Review Commission↑↑↑
Barrio Latino Commission↑↑↑
Citizen Review Board↑↑↑
Civil Service Board↑↑↑
Code Enforcement/Public Nuisance Abatement Board↑↑↑
Code Enforcement/Special Magistrates↑↑↑
Community Redevelopment Agency↑↑↑
Contract Compliance Hearing Officers - WMBE↑↑↑
Department Heads - Mayoral Appointments↑↑↑
Elected Officers - Mayor and Council↑↑↑
Equal Business Opportunity Advisory Council↑↑↑
Ethics Commission↑↑↑
Fire and Police Pension Fund Board of Trustees↑↑↑
General Employees Retirement Fund Board↑↑↑
Henry B. Plant Museum Board↑↑↑
Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (City Representatives_↑↑↑
Hillsborough Co. City-County Planning Commission - City's Representatives↑↑↑
Hillsborough County Building Board of Adjustment - City's Representatives↑↑↑
Historic Preservation Board↑↑↑
Human Rights Board↑↑↑
Mayor's African American Advisory Council↑↑↑
Mayor's Hispanic Advisory Council ↑↑↑
Public Art Committee↑↑↑
Tampa Housing Authority - City's Representatives↑↑↑
Tampa Sports Authority - City's Representatives↑↑↑
Variance Review Board↑↑↑
Westshore Residential Neighborhood Improvements Committee↑↑↑